Heroes of Public Education: APS, Gila County Roads, Town of Payson
Posted on 09/11/2018
18-19 HeroesHeroes: APS, Gila County Roads, Town of Payson

Payson Unified School District has recently worked with APS, Gila County, and the Town of Payson in support of a District E-Rate project to contract with a new Service Provider and implement an inter-campus fiber network. The fiber was installed in a combination of both overhead (aerial), and underground. This new fiber connectivity has increased the performance between school campuses by 4x, and improved reliability significantly. This installation took the support, cooperation and extra effort by these three individuals (and their respective organizations), enabling the District to meet Federal mandated E-Rate program deadlines to ensure we were able to use the available Federal & State funding before it expired. Without these funds, the project would not have been completed.

The specific support was provided as follows:

Sheila DeSchaff - Town of Payson Public Works, worked with the District’s new Service Provider and Fiber Contractors to provide engineering services for “right of way” easements and underground construction. The Town permitting process was prioritized and resourced accordingly, with tight coordination between the District’s Service Provider and Contractors.

Scott Jones - APS Payson Construction Services, worked with the District’s new Service Provider and Fiber contractors for APS permitting, pole replacement work, and relocation of APS owned facilities on all applicable attachment poles for all of the overhead/aerial fiber installation. Scott pre-planned with the District directly to ensure that all APS construction work was started as soon as possible after the permitting process, and finished early, allowing the Fiber contractors extra time to complete their work by the deadline.

Danny Savage - Gila County Public Works, worked with the District’s Fiber contractors to provide space to dump and evaporate reclaimed drilling fluid or sludge, generated by the underground boring process. The contractor was able to avoid driving several times a day to Buckhead Mesa Landfill, saving valuable time, allowing the boring process to continue uninterrupted throughout the day.

Thank you Danny, Scott, Sheila, for your commitment and extraordinary support to ensure this Project was a success. We recognize you as HEROES of Public Education.