Heroes of Public Education: Rim Country Rotary

Heroes of Public Education: Rim Country Rotary
Posted on 06/14/2018
Heroes of Public Education: Rim Country RotaryRim Country Rotary has serviced the Payson community for 21 years and has recently merged with the Payson Rotary that was active for over 50 years. With the merging of the two clubs they have a combined extensive list of giving. They solely fund the First Responders Banquet in honor of our local organizations and have hosted the Rotary Track meet for over 50 years providing opportunities for our young athletes and honorable rewards. They continue to raise between $10 to $15 thousand dollars each year and receive matching funds from Rotary District for their efforts. Approximately 95% of these funds return to our community in areas of needed support, leadership opportunities and academic scholarships. Rim Country Rotary covers the expense of sending high schools students to the the Rotary Youth Leadership Academy each spring and will also be starting a new leadership retreat for middle school students in conjunction with the Duker Ranch and Habitat for Humanity. They have awarded high school graduates scholarships each years ranging from $5,000 - $30,000.00 in renewable scholarships. Many may not be aware that the Payson Food Drive is driven and supported 100% percent by the Rim Country Rotary.

Rim Country Rotary is a 501C3 Foundation that manages and supports many other local scholarships and programs including the Gloria Joe memorial scholarship. If not aware already, Gloria Joe was not only a former middle school science teacher in but an outstanding one in the Payson Unified School District. Her memorial scholarship was created to provide support for students who are interested in education as a career field.
The members of Rim Country Rotary honor CTE students and their families all year long with their Student of the Month program. They have always been willing to listen to local needs and assist where they can. They have supported many PUSD graduates in their extracurricular endeavors including Denton Peterson a member of the High School and National Rodeo Teams and Donnie Smith a member of the Arizona Junior High Power Riffle Team just to name a few. Rim Country Rotary is comprised of a team of individuals who are open minded to the needs of our youth and programs that have proven to increase student awareness and provide support to already caring and nurturing environments such programs include Cowboy for Kids, Vocabulary building with dictionaries to all third graders from Pine to Tonto Basin as well as Christmas with Santa.

Tonight they are not only here to be honored as Hero's of Public Education but also to award the Payson Unified School District High School Robotic Team with two computers to assist them in their programming needs as well as to have the potential to start a CAD program for high school students. We thank you for all that you do physically, emotionally and financially to support our district and even more so our amazing Payson Community. It's people like you that provide hope and optimism that carries on through individual lives.