Heroes of Education - PUSD HR Department

Heroes of Education - PUSD HR Department
Posted on 02/09/2021
Congratulations to PUSD's Human Resources Department!
Heroes of Education

Being a hero of education isn’t always about specific accomplishments, but also about having an ongoing level of commitment and dedication every day.  Heroes of education are people that support the overarching goals of the district and the educational model, and much of what they do, happens quietly behind the scenes. 

Shelly Bacon
  • Works in the DO
  • PUSD’s Salary & Benefits Coordinator
  • Joined PUSD July 6, 2020
  • Has an accounting background
  • Handles all Payroll activities for the district
  • Handles financial reporting of  Workers Compensation claims
  • W2s
  • Updates employee tax deduction information
  • Handles employment verifications that require financial information
  • Responsible for employee maintenance of the TimeClock+ system
Christine DeCarlo
  • Works in the DO
  • PUSD's Human Resources Specialist
  • Joined PUSD July 1, 2020
  • Has an office tech and HR background
  • Handles all job postings, onboarding of new candidates and resignations
  • Has started taking on administration of employee FMLA cases
  • Assists with annual SDER (School District Employee Reports) data submission to the state
  • Currently supporting PUSD’s first AZ Dept of Protective Services audit (will be on a triennial rotational basis)
These are some examples (some of them are behind the scenes) of things that need to happen on a daily basis to keep the district running as it should, and require a level of commitment that provides a high degree of accuracy, customer service and perseverance for success.

Shelly and Christine are a couple of my Heroes of Education! 
-Chuck Savvy